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St. John Nepomucene Parish – Tangalan, Aklan, Philippines

St. John Nepomucene Parish is more than a century old church in Tangalan, Aklan, Philippines that dates back to 1889 evidenced by the inscriptions on its walls. The church is built with limestones and is believed to have been constructed through forced labor or a practice by called “polo y servicio” which is a common practice by our Spanish colonizers during that time.

Despite of its dark past, St. John Nepomucene Parish has transformed into becoming the center of faith, and a popular landmark or tourist attraction in the municipality of Tangalan.

The church is one of the oldest religious structures in the province of Aklan, and the present building still has the original limestones and materials from more than a hundred years back.

Adjacent to St. John Nepomucene Parish is the Tangalan Town Hall and the Tangalan Freedom Park.